How long do the cans last? Our tinned salmon has a shelf life of 3 years.

Do the cans need to be refrigerated? Our tinned salmon does not need to be refrigerated.

Where is the fish caught? The salmon are caught off the coast of Noyes, Baker and Dall Islands in Southeast Alaska.

What are the ingredients in the can? Plain salmon - salmon, salt. Smoked salmon - salmon, salt, sugar, spices, natural alder smoke

How are the fish caught? The fish are caught with a big net called a seine. The fish swim into the net and when we close the net and haul the gear we are left with a bag of fish that we then lift onto the boat.

Is there any bycatch when you are fishing? The salmon seining process has historically low numbers of bycatch. With that being said, once and a while there is a non-targeted species in the net and we simply just release them.

Do you ship worldwide? Yes we do ship worldwide.