Community Supported Seafood

Finley Vern Fish Co is modeled after farms offering Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. We offer Community Supported Seafood (CSS) shares that will come once a year in the beginning of October when the boat returns from fishing in Alaska. Customers pre-pay for their wild caught Alaskan salmon. We then use these funds for the upfront costs of harvesting and processing your salmon. Finley Vern Fish Co is your local fisherman offering wild Alaskan salmon from our boat to your table. Come get to know your local fisherman.

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    Sample boxes, bulk or both

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    Ballard, Lopez Island or Friday Harbor

  • Pick up dates announced

    Via email, Facebook and Instagram

  • Pick up your share

    See the working boat that caught your fish.

Finley Vern Fish Co.

Owned and operated by Brian Chace who has a combined fishing experience of 18 years in Southeast Alaska as well as the Bering Sea, the Gulf of Alaska, Puget Sound and the west coast of Washington, Oregon and California. The Finley Vern and its crew operate this community supported seafood company which services the San Juan Islands and greater Puget Sound area. The wild caught Alaskan salmon are processed and packaged by the Finley Vern and a small smokehouse located on Prince of Whales Island in Southeast Alaska, which is then brought back to Lopez for the community to enjoy. Finley Vern Fish Co is your local fishermen bringing you wild caught Alaskan salmon from our boat to your table. Thank you for supporting your local fisherman.